Summary of Rules

All games are 7 innings

Full count (with no courtesy foul). There may be times necessary to go to 1 & 1 count with a courtesy.

Time limit is One Hour and 15 Minutes per game. This may change based on extenuating circumstances!

Pitching arc 6-12 feet

Five run rule per inning except the 7th and extra innings (no player at second base to start the extra inning)

Any batter runner may have a runner once he reaches 1st base, but a courtesy runner may run ONLY once an inning. If caught he will be out. Please have runners ready and do not do during an “at bat” – do before or after the “at bat”.

Must be on the final roster & checked in prior to game time to be eligible to play, if not you will forfeit that game!  Must be age appropriate to be able to play or again you will forfeit that game.

If there are game cancellations the managers will be notified as quickly as possible.  Will do our best to make them up which means we will probably go to a 2-2 count for the make up games as they will be added to the original schedule. A decision will be made in the best interest of the Tournament.

Only the managers may discuss an umpires call!! If there are any issues, then the ump and/or managers must see Ed Vecchio ASAP.

I want all umpires, managers & players to be respected!!  And please see your manager or an umpire for a complete set of rules. There may be some extenuating circumstances or items missed that has not been discussed, and will be solved to the best of our ability with the umpire, both managers and Ed Vecchio (or someone designated if not available at the time).

All extra innings will be open and 1 pitch. One ball you walk or one strike you’re out.