70’s Division

First a little bit of how this will work!

1.  All players must turn 70 in 2022, but each team may have 3 players that turn 69 or 2 players that turn 69 and one player who turns 68 in 2022.

2.  Dates the 70’s will be playing are: March 3, 4 & 5, 2022 [2 games day]

3.  There will be awards for 1st Place if there are at least 4 teams in each Division!

4.  Looking to have 3 Divisions [“A-1”, “A-2” & “A-3”]

5.  Will play against 70’s only

6.  As of today there are 8 Teams plus 1 or 2 maybes playing 70’s in the March, 2022 East Coast Tournament

Teams and Divisions for the 70’s:

          70’s “A-1”  Division         Manager                  From

1.  Naylor’s Kitchens – 70’s       Don Murphy           Massachusetts, Connecticut

2.  Easy Way of North Jersey   Fred Monesmith    New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, California

3.  Florida Mustangs                 Bill Gaffney              Florida, Ontario, Canada

4.  Carl’s Boyz                             Carl Slutz                  Florida

5.  Delaware Stars                     Frankie Truitt          Delaware

       70’s “A-2” Division             Manager                   From

1.  JB 70’s                                   Jerry Baldwin           Florida

2.  Mass Gray Beards               John Mann               Massachusetts

3.  Pompano Group                 TBD                            Florida

4.  Broward Group                   TBD                            Florida