Our History

It took some researching to put this together, but we did it. To the best of our recollection 3 guys (Ralph Mosher, Angie Scarcella and Frankie Truitt) came down in the late 1990’s to Pompano Beach to vacation and play ball.

Also, at about the same time, Frankie Truitt (still playing with us) and Nelson Tobolsky (Delaware) came down. At that time, there were a few teams from out of town along with a few local teams (Bart Grillo formed) that would get together to play.

This lasted from about 1998 to 2000. Between 2001 – 2005 there was a tournament format, and it was referred to as the “Sunshine Seniors Softball Tournament” under Bart Grillo’s direction. When Dianne Mosher got involved 2005 – 2006 with Bart, she organized a more serious Tournament and called it the “East Coast Tournament.”

It was pretty much status quo for several years. In 2013 Ed Vecchio and Dianne Mosher had several meetings regarding the future of the East Coast Tournament. Finally, after several meetings with the City of Pompano Beach, Bart Grillo and others, it was decided that it was in the best interests of all, that Ed Vecchio and Dianne Mosher direct their own Tournament and keep the same name. 2014 was Bart’s last year, and 2015 was Ed and Dianne’s first year.

The number of teams that have participated in the past are as follows:

2006  Not available

2007    6 teams

2008    6 teams

2009    8 teams

2010    9 teams

2011    8 teams

2012    8 teams

2013   10 teams

2014   10 teams

2015   16 teams  (Under new directors

with a new format)

2016   32 teams

2017   28 teams

2018   36 teams

2019   46 teams

2020 43 teams

2021 27 teams

Thanks to ALL for continuing to make this a great Tournament!!

Edward A. Vecchio